Of late, garcinia cambogia has been making headlines for its noticeable weight reduction properties. Many of you would have been eager to know more about this product-its consequences, side effects, pros, cons, etc. Here, we bring forth different garnicia cambogia extract reviews. The results produced by the pills differ from person to person depending upon their body consitions. So before you consider any review, keep in mind the fact that variations do occur although not considerably. Also, we advise you to consult your physician before you start using this product. Given below are some of the mixed reviews by users. Go ahead and get to know what you want.


1. Derik says: 

I am using Garcinia Cambogia from LiveWell Labs. They were rated as one of the best on a few consumer rating sites. They are said to have an accurate dose of the extract and HCA. So far, I have lost about 15 pounds in about a month without changing anything at all (I already ate healthy, but drank a bit of beer).

I just recently started walking again, and stopped drinking wine and beer. We’ll see how it goes. When I started I was at about a 40 inch waist (snug), and now I am down to 38 (getting a little loose). Not sure if it is the Garcinia or not because I was 270 at a 46 inch waist a couple of years ago and have been consistently losing since then. I just noticed it seems to have sped up a little with Garcinia.

2. Thomas says: 

I have been using this product for 2 weeks now and I have had some good results. Now, I understand that some people are skeptical and with good reason but, as with ANY product out there, it doesn’t work the same for everyone. I started out at 270 lbs and have lost 7 pounds so far.

Amino acid is one of the body's most essential components, and has many beneficial properties when taken as a supplement. I have noticed that I cannot eat as much as I used to (my girlfriend has noticed this as well in her diet as she is taking it too). For whatever reason that I am losing this weight, I am giving the product the credit for suppressing my appetite.

So, for now, I give Original Garcinia Cambogia the thumbs up. If my situation changes at any time, I will update you all.